Because drying your car with huge amounts of warm filtered air is not only safer, it is fun! The BLO Car Dryers offer non-contact drying to eliminate swirls and scratches that can happen during a regular touch/towel drying method.

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Just tried out my new BLO Car Dryer Air – GT and let me just say… wow! For anyone that gets winded like I do after drying a car, the AIR – GT makes drying your car so much easier!

George Almanza

The BLO Car Dryer Air-GT is the ultimate drying machine! I’ve been using my leaf blower to dry my cars because it is way easier than using a towel. The super long hose attachment 26 ft I believe? Even let me blow the leaf’s out of my driveway with more ease than the leaf blower did.

Raymond Fletcher

BLO Car Dryer AIR-RS is way smaller, WAY stronger, and less noisy than my compressor, leaf blower and vacuum combined! Its 16ft hose allows me to dry my entire car front to back without even moving the machine itself. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to dry their car with it.

Steven Higden

I received my AIR-RS today and was immediately impressed by the packaging. Right out the box you quickly begin to realize how long of a hose you’ve gotten yourself into, 16ft and that is not including its 16ft power cord that plugs into any standard wall outlet.


Purchased the AIR-GT to use on my newly detailed and Ceramic coated BMW. The 26ft hose and 16ft power cord allow you the ease of being able to dry your vehicle outside of your garage instead of inside. This has cut down my drying time on the car by almost 10-15 minutes.

Bryan Robles

Bought this machine because my other leaf blower just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I had decided I was going to just dry my cars with towels again until I realized how much more effort that took. It’s also way easier on your back if you have a low car that requires you to hunch over a lot to dry those side skirts or bumpers.

Josh McCulloch

This hose length is everything! It’s so long, you can literally wrap around your car without moving the unit itself. I thought I made a mistake by buying the Air-RS which is the smaller unit vs the Air-GT but nope! It is still super powerful and wipes the water off my car like butter.


I have a very old car that I’m scared of having 20+ year old pieces flying off of it from forced air. The knob on the machine lets you adjust the speed of blower to different more appropriate velocities that fit your need.  It is gentle yet very efficient. I would recommend this blower.

Briana Johnson

Bought the AIR GT because it comes with wheels to roll around with, but with the super long hose, you do not even need to wheel it around. The wheels have their own locks on them, so you can use it on a slanted driveway without worrying about it rolling down or without worrying about it getting pulled into your car. Good quality.

Nick White

I love the Air-GT, its on wheels which lets me roll it around wherever I need to go with little brakes to keep it from sliding when I don’t need it to. The very long hose lets you air dry around the car with ease and the air speed knob lets you adjust the speed of the blower.

James Kamal


Designed and specified in the USA our BLO Car Dryers suit everyone from car enthusiasts who want every last drop of water BLOwn away, through to professional detailers that need a fast and safe drying solution for premium vehicles.

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