Accessories & Replacement Parts

If your car is your pride and joy, then you've come to the right place. Here at BLO Car Dryer Australia, you’ll find a quality range of US-designed and specified BLO air dryer accessories and BLO air dryer replacement parts to suit your vehicle's needs. They're your secret weapon for efficient, safe, and tangible results, with no scratches, no drips, and no streaks.

Our range of BLO air dryer accessories includes the ergonomic neoprene handle and our nozzles in flat, round, and wide shapes. There’s also our AIR-GT extra-long eight-metre hose, for the convenience of moving around your car without shifting the unit. You can be sure of a same-day dispatch Australia-wide on your order — meaning you won’t have to wait long to kick-start the best dry your car has ever had. If you have any questions about BLO air dryer products and how to get the most out of them, contact our friendly team of experts today.

We specialise in market-leading car care products for safe, touchless drying, with a proven record of success. Whether this is your first time using car dryer accessories or you need a BLO air dryer replacement part, we’ve got you covered. From professionals to home car enthusiasts, our customers love the exceptional finish that our trusted BLO air products give their cars. Discover for yourself what a BLO air dryer accessory can do for the look and feel of your vehicle — and provide it with the pro-level clean it deserves.

9 products found in Accesories

BLO Replacement Nozzle (Flat) Air S
  • $6.99
BLO Replacement Nozzle (Flat) RS/GT
  • $6.99
BLO Replacement Nozzle (Round) Air S
  • $6.99
BLO Replacement Nozzle (Round) RS/GT
  • $6.99
BLO Replacement Nozzle (Wide) Air S
  • $6.99
Hose Joint Connector
  • $6.99
Neoprene Handle
  • $12.99
Standard AIR-GT Hose 8M
  • $74.99
Standard AIR-RS Hose 5M
  • $54.99